Isotope Recycling Program

Heavy water recycling

Stable isotope chemicals are a very expensive burden for researchers across the globe. These chemicals are very expensive to produce due to the high cost of production. It takes a lot of effort to make each individual isotope with an enrichment of >99%. The natural abundance for Carbon 13 is 1.07%, Nitrogen 15 is .368%, Deuterium is .0115%, Oxygen 18 is .205% just to name a few. Techniques involved are to enrich these isotopes are timely, expensive, and complicated. Martek Isotopes is made up of researchers who have been working with these materials for more than 20 years! So we recognize the fact that stable isotopes are a necessary tool for the research industry but also a great burden on those same researchers.

Martek Isotopes is proud to announce that we will take used stable isotope materials in exchange for credit with future purchases with our company. We will start this immediately with heavy water. Heavy water or deuterium oxide is commonly used as a research tool. Typically it is used to grow cells, in chemical procedures, or buffers. However the hydroscopic nature of heavy water causes it to have a limited usage capability. Martek Isotopes will take back your heavy water for reprocessing, and will provide your lab with credits for future purchases. Do not throw this material away there is still some life left there!

Please email: for details and a quick questionaire

* If you have other stable Isotope material you would like to dispose of, check with us first before you pay a waste disposal company!