Available Now!  Martek Isotopes LLC has made it's proprietary trace metal mix available to the public. We have named it Martek complete trace (nutrients). This media was developed during our biosdeisel and carbon capture research phase. This was developed as a complete micro-nutrient trace metal supplement that can be added in place of traditional home made metal mixes such as A5 metals or P-IV metals. Initially used in 1 acre open grow out ponds we quickly came to realize the productivity benefits of this formulation vs traditional metal formulations.  Martek complete trace nutrients has 70 trace minerals saving you time and money and making your culture perform to their maximum. It's ingredients are GRAS so they are safe to use. Excellent for growing algae, or as a supplement for freshwater aquariums, salt water reef tanks, and even terrestrial plants. Now available in 250ml(8oz) or 500ml (16oz) sizes order today!